Sandberg Instituut

The Sandberg Instituut is the postgraduate department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. It offers Master’s programmes in Fine Arts (MFA), Interior Architecture (MIA), Applied Art (MAA) and Design (MDes). The institute was established in 1990 by former Rietveld director, Simon den Hartog, and was originally concerned with such activities as organising seminars and exhibitions. It was its first director, Jos Houweling, who developed the Sandberg Instituut into a fully recognised educational institution with several Master’s programmes.

Permanent Master’s departments

Fine Arts (MFA)   
Dirty Art Department (MDes)
Studio for Immediate Spaces (MIA) 
Design (MDes) 
Critical Studies (MFA)  

Temporary Master’s programmes 

Materialisation in Art and Design (MFA or MDes)

Cure Master (MFA)
Designing Democracy (MDes)
System D Academy (MFA or MDes)

School of Missing Studies (MFA)
Material Utopias (MFA or MDes)

Studio Vacant NL (MIA)

The Sandberg Instituut is located on the fifth, sixth and seventh floor of the new building at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie site.


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